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ANGUS Chemie inaugurates an innovative plant for waste material combustion

SAACKE GmbH commissioned combustion plant to increase efficiency / symbolic handover

ANGUS Chemie inaugurates an innovative plant for waste material combustion

SAACKE GmbH commissioned combustion plant to increase efficiency / symbolic handover

Ibbenbüren, March 25, 2015 – ANGUS Chemie GmbH inaugurated its new combustion plant today, whose operating principle is based on the recycling of waste chemical production material for energy recovery. The 10-million-euro investment enables a more efficient and environmentally friendly operation: unused waste, rather than natural gas, is used to generate steam. Higher production capacities and the desire for a more efficient residue combustion induced the company to take this step. This unique technological process was designed by SAACKE GmbH, Bremen, which handed the entire plant over to the customer on time after a construction period of just under two years. In addition to a number of representatives from both companies, Ibbenbüren mayor Heinz Steingröver also participated in the opening ceremony.

Investment as a commitment to the location
The innovative plant includes an upstream burner, two combustion chambers for a two-staged combustion concept, a saturated steam boiler, a dust arrester plant and a 30 meter-high funnel. It has a capacity of eleven megawatts and falls well below the emission limit values that apply for this size of plant. This also enables the chemicals company to take a pioneering role in the protection of the environment in the region. Besides saving energy costs and conserving fuels, ANGUS plant manager Peter Schröder also made reference to another key reason for the construction in his welcome address: “We view this investment, as well as the expansion of the boiler capacity from 8 to 12.5 tons, as a commitment to the Ibbenbüren location, where we want to remain an attractive employer." Mayor Heinz Steingröver welcomed this stance and emphasized the importance of ANGUS Chemie as an advanced industrial operation that relies on progressive technologies and sets an example for Ibbenbüren as well as the entire Tecklenburg region.

Higher efficiency, lower emissions
Henning Saacke, Chairman of the Board of the Bremen family-owned business, provided an example to demonstrate how more efficient processes can be specifically integrated into a new construction during the symbolic handover: "ANGUS previously had to shut down both burners at least every six weeks and clean the boilers. The plant could then only be started up by consuming a great deal of energy and after a downtime of three days. This now takes place automatically during operation. As a provider of integrated systems and complete plants, it is precisely these details that provide a useful and meaningful whole for the customer in the end.” In his speech, SAACKE project manager Bernhard Rieger focused on technical details, such as the extremely low-emission firing capacity: “The two-staged combustion allows us to guarantee a nitrogen concentration below 100 mg/m³ at all times, well below the 200 mg/m³ limit defined by law. In the event of an optimal waste composition, this value can even drop to as low as 40 to 50 mg/m³ without any secondary measures.“ This means that the investment made by ANGUS Chemie GmbH benefits both the corporate balance sheet as well as the environment.


ANGUS Chemie GmbH was founded in 1973 and was acquired by the US company Golden Gate Capital in 2015. ANGUS specializes in the production of amino alcohols used for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics or as preservatives for water-based paints and coatings. The company is one of the leading producers of specialty chemicals. The plant in Ibbenbüren employs just under 60 staff.


SAACKE GmbH was founded in 1931 as CSÖ Carl SAACKE Ölfeuerungsgesellschaft mbH. The company introduced its first burner for marine use to the market in 1934. The company is now one of the leading specialists for combustion engineering and complete plant systems. In 2002, SAACKE launched an innovation to safeguard liquefied gas transport ships in the form of the Gas Combustion Unit. The company has been the market leader in this segment since then. Annual sales were in 2013 around EUR 169 million. The company employs about 1,100 staff worldwide, including 300 engineers. The head office in Bremen is home to both the production facilities and the development center.


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