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Thermal process burner

The SAACKE swirl burner series SSB is a further development of the SAACKE steam pressure atomiser. It is an all-rounder that is suitable for all fuels due to its design. It was developed to enable the thermal utilisation of industrial by-products that are difficult to recycle and have a low calorific value.

Technical information

Burner capacity: 

1,5 - 90 MW


Natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, special fuels (e.g. dust or low calorific gases)


Steam and heat production, thermal process and drying plants


Energy and heat suppliers , chemical industry, refineries, food processing industry, steel and metal production, waste incineration, building materials industry, wood processing, standard ships and offshore plants




  • Robust design adapted to process furnaces
  • Unrivalled flexibility and variably adjustable flame shape
  • Low-emission combustion of a wide range of special fuels with low calorific value
  • Ideal as start-up and support burner
  • Suitable for sub- and hyper-stoichiometric combustion with lambda 0.3 - 4