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Thermal exhaust air purification

Lowest emission values and low energy consumption

Odor-laden exhaust air, which is generated in the food industry, refineries or the chemical industry, for example, must be cleaned of unpleasant odors before it can be released into the environment.

There are essentially two processes for exhaust air purification: thermal and biological exhaust air purification. The former has the advantage that it can be used even if the composition of the exhaust air fluctuates and if large quantities of exhaust air are present. For thermal exhaust air purification, the exhaust air is heated to more than 750°C.

The SAACKE portfolio includes both individual and complete solutions for exhaust air purification with simultaneous energetic use in the disposal of exhaust air and vapours. The main objective is always the minimization of the energy required to heat the exhaust air and the reduction of the relevant emission values. SAACKE has the suitable products, the necessary experience and the comprehensive engineering know-how to achieve these goals.

The SAACKE portfolio includes:

  • Turnkey plants with burners, combustion chamber and downstream waste heat boiler
  • Combustion technology for the use of low loaded exhaust air

SAACKE solutions combine exhaust air purification with the utilization of the heat generated. In this process, the odorous exhaust air is heated and post-combusted. The resulting heat is used thermally in a downstream boiler. Exhaust air, for example from meat products and potato processing plants, is thus not only disposed of but also replaces other energy sources by supplying process heat. SAACKE also offers a solution for the disposal of vapours in case of very difficult exhaust air, such as in animal carcass disposal plants.