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UK Product portfolio – New boiler plant, burners and controls

Modern low-NOx burners for almost every fuel

When considering new or replacement boiler plant, boiler repairs or upgrading to meet changing fuel supplies, or to meet new emission legislation, then SAACKE expertise is at hand to tailor a solution to your precise needs.  We will establish your process load requirements, survey available boiler shell options, check furnace dimensions/intensities and offer a complete turnkey package based on best available technology and practice.

SAACKE offers ranges of steam and hot water boilers, fired and unfired heat recovery boilers for UK and Ireland installation, and additionally with integral, stand alone or retrofitted feed water economisers.  Matched with the ideal combustion package and controls to meet BG01 and SIL3 if required, solutions for steam, hot water generators and thermal oil heaters in the capacity range from 1 to 1000t/h steam and 1 to 100MW hot water are available.

We are also able to offer a Micro-gas turbine CHP system with unique burner that can use from 1 to 100% turbine exhaust output to supplement the boiler heat input.  This system not only generates electricity for in-house use but also boosts overall plant efficiencies to the region of 95-97%.

SAACKE hot gas generators use combustion gases effectively to carry out heat treatment processes, to reheat flue gases and destroy odours and by-products.


SAACKE offers a suite of control options to suit every application, all in compliance with DIN EN 298, DIN EN 230 and certified safety in SIL 3 according to IEC 61508.  The se@vis eco is for basic applications suitable for burners with mechanical compound regulation and for use of up to two fuels.  The se@vis compact offers a 3.5” touchscreen for plant visualisation and control with oxygen trim control and fan inverter drive connectivity. The se@vis pro is totally unrivalled in its ability to control burners and system peripherals, with electronic air/fuel ratio control with up to 8 channels in 8 operating modes.  Suitable for 3 fuels, allowing simultaneous firing of alternative fuels (e.g. biogas, by-products, or pulverised fuels), the se@vis pro has a 10” touchscreen providing a user-friendly aid for total control, maintenance and event records.  It is also suitable for marine and land-based SAACKE CHP applications.

For new and retrofit applications in the UK and Ireland, we also offer the DDCC SCanView, this being similar to the se@vis pro but having the unique Safety Test System, allowing the control to carry out and record all standard mandatory burner and boiler tests.

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Industrial and marine products

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The portfolio includes

  • Burners and firing plants for standard and special fuels, for example biogas, lean gas, glycerine or animal fat
  • Burners and firing plants with minimum emissions and MCPD compliant
  • Burners for use in Micro-gas turbine CHP systems
  • Modernisation of boiler plants by installation of new burners or single to dual fuel conversions of existing
  • Upgrading burner/boiler control systems with energy saving and efficiency improvement kits, including inverter drive for F.D. fans, oxygen and CO trim control, electronic burner and air/fuel ratio management control and boiler water control systems with touchscreen HMI
  • Heat recovery equipment, including feed water economisers and air pre-heaters
  • Boiler sequence control systems
  • Liquid and gaseous fuel handling systems
  • Land, marine and offshore based standard and hazardous area classification equipment
  • Grid burners, dust burners and pulverised fuel burners
  • Hot gas generators for drying processes

Further products and services available in the UK and Ireland

The UK variant within the se@vis range is the proven burner management and air/fuel ratio control system ‘DDCC SCanView’.

Customer services from commissioning to boiler maintenance contracts, training and lifetime support.

Advice and consultancy services including energy surveys, Boiler-house Risk Assessment, BOAS and I-GAS training.

The SAACKE mission:
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