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Thermal oil heaters

Thermal oil heaters are mainly used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to supply heat to processes at high temperature levels (300 to 450°C). They are often heated with special fuels, such as gaseous or liquid by-products from a process. In addition to the use of these fuels, the special challenge often lies in the thermal disposal of exhaust air.

SAACKE offers burners for thermal oil heaters which can be operated with a wide variety of fuels - especially low emission and energy efficient. An advantage of all SAACKE burners is that they can be operated with combustion air preheating and still guarantee a low NOx combustion.

The SAACKE portfolio includes:

  • Low emission burners for standard fuels such as natural gas, light oil and heavy oil and special fuels such as liquid or gaseous by-products from the chemical industry
  • Combustion plants for back-up heat supply for solar thermal power plants to ensure continuous power supply should the solar energy source not be available