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Shell boilers

Modern low NOx burners for almost any fuel

Shell boilers, also known as flame tube or flue tube boilers, represent a robust and durable boiler technology which, due to its given water/steam volume, can react particularly well to fluctuating load conditions and peak performance. As single-flame tube or double-flame tube boilers, modern shell boilers cover the output requirement of up to 60 t/h of steam with pressures of up to 30 bar. They are successfully used in almost all branches of industry to generate (district) heat or process steam.

The life expectancy of a shell boiler is 30 to 40 years, which means that the combustion technology has to be modernized on average two to three times during this time.

The SAACKE portfolio includes:

  • Burners and combustion systems for standard and special fuels, such as biogas, lean gas, glycerine or animal fat (e.g. SKV series)
  • Burners and combustion plants with minimum emission values (e.g. TEMINOX GL)
  • Customized complete solutions and various measures to modernize and increase the efficiency of your plant

With their typical wide control range at minimum excess air, SAACKE burners are particularly efficient and highly available.

In plants which are already equipped with SAACKE burners, it is often not necessary to replace the combustion technology in order to increase their efficiency and reduce emissions. For example, control and regulation of a plant can be improved with a SAACKE se@vis control system, and by retrofitting a flue gas recirculation system, your plant can be optimized with regard to emissions.

SAACKE also offers you measures to increase energy efficiency: The retrofitting of economizers, O2 controls and air preheaters allows a more efficient utilization of your plant, a frequency converter for blowers reduces power consumption.



Interquell GmbH requires process steam for the production of food, such as baby food and cereals, at its site in Großaitingen, Swabia. In order to increase efficiency and to save costs, the food manufacturer decided to have a SAACKE micro-CHP system installed by the plant manufacturer Lausser. The combination of micro gas turbine, gas turbine exhaust gas burner and steam boiler was chosen because conventional CHP plants cannot guarantee the requirements.
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