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SAACKE on board. This means safe, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient firing systems for seagoing vessels, offshore plants and LNG tankers. The comprehensive experience in development, design, construction of new plants and conversions pays off. Our portfolio ranges from naval boiler plants and systems to exhaust gas purification/scrubber and gas combustion units (GCU) and complete plants for the offshore sector.

Engineering, design, construction, support and service of marine plants are in the best hands with SAACKE, thanks to comprehensive know-how in standard applications as well as for individual projects. Our customers appreciate not only extreme safety and highest availability of all components, but also the excellent efficiency and environmentally friendly operation and the proverbial long service life.


More than 6,000 SAACKE systems are currently in operation on seagoing vessels all over the world.
SAACKE supplies burners in the capacity range of 0.7-48 MW and boilers with capacities from 1-110 t/h. In addition to conventional fuels such as heavy fuel oil, low-sulphur heavy fuel oil, marine diesel oil (MDO) and marine gas oil (MGO), dual-fuel systems are increasingly used
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Gas propulsion or dual fuel are playing an increasingly important role in the construction of new ships. Today, however, the necessary infrastructure for bunkering propulsion gas is often still lacking in ports around the world, and conversion to dual fuel is an expensive and complex challenge. A very good alternative for the maritime industry is the SAACKE Scrubber EGCS-HM. The result of the two-stage SOx removal is a 99 percent sulfur removal.
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The GCU (Gas Combustion Unit) developed by SAACKE makes the safe transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by sea possible. It utilizes surplus Boil-Off-Gas completely and with highest availability. All components are built so compactly that the entire plant can be placed in the area of the stack and saves valuable installation space in the ship. The GCU has several energy-saving blowers, is optionally ignited with oil or gas and can be run at full load within a few minutes.
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