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SAACKE burners for industry

Emission limit values for industry are falling while demands on sophisticated technical solutions increase – and this worldwide. For example, this is demonstrated by the Chinese guidelines, which prescribe a strict NOx limit value of 30 mg/m³ based on 3% dry O2 in urban areas, such as Beijing, for new power station and energy generation plant projects since 2017. SAACKE constantly adapts and aligns to changing conditions with its ongoing research and development activities.

SAACKE offers standardized burners for a wide range of fuels, from conventional to special, such as BPA (a liquid by-product of the plastic production process) or animal fat.

SAACKE burners with their typical large control range and minimum air excess are especially efficient and provide high availability.


Burner capacity: 3- 28 MW

i.a. Shell boilers, water-tube boilers, thermal oil boilers, thermal process plants, new construction and modernization of industrial plants


Burner capacity: 1 – 45,3 MW

i.a. Shell boiler as a three-pass boiler, water tube boilers, thermal oil heaters, hot gas generators / combustion chambers


Burner capacity: 7-80 MW

i.a. Water tube boilers, thermal oil heaters, Steam boiler, hot water boiler


Burner capacity: 3,5-90 MW

i.a. Steam and heat production, thermal process and drying plants