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Industrial sectors

SAACKE offers numerous products and services for a wide range of industrial sectors, assemblies and plant components as well as modernization concepts.

SAACKE offers you:

  • Efficient project management from analysis to problem-free implementation
  • High availability and optimum process control of plants
  • State-of-the-art technologies for emissions, explosion protection, safety and reliability


Rising environmental awareness has led to reductions in statutory emissions limits over recent years. In order to comply with the new limits, many power supply companies and municipal utilities urgently need to build new plants or modernize existing plants. New plant construction projects in the energy sector at present mostly combine heat supply and electricity generation. SAACKE has contributed with its products and engineering know-how to ensuring that combined heat and power plants work significantly more effectively than plants which generate only electricity: fuel energy utilization is now 85%, compared to the 40% previously. This substantially reduces CO2 emissions as a result.

SAACKE's latest product in the proven DDZG series for producing heat is the DDZG-LN:  As the latest generation of extreme low emission, low NOx combustion systems, this inexpensive burner combusts natural gas and fuel oil efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

SAACKE can provide the right burners for auxiliary boiler systems and emergency cooling systems for any power plant: For smaller boiler plants with a load range of up to 50 metric tons of steam per hour, SAACKE offers you the TEMINOX pressure atomizer series and the ROTONOX series of rotary cup atomizers. The DDZG series of steam pressure atomizers is available for larger boiler plants with a load range of more than 50 tons of steam per hour.

SAACKE has perfected the use of pulverized lignite as a cost-effective fuel with the SSB-D from the SSB swirl burner series for medium-size water-tube boiler plants.

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Product overview - industry

There is still unused potential in many areas of the chemical industry for energetic use of by-products and residues which would otherwise be disposed of due to extremely low or greatly fluctuating heat values or problematic nitrogen content. SAACKE has taken on the task of identifying these areas and developing tailor-made solutions for them. SAACKE develops burner systems and combustion plants for this industry that can be used with problematic substances, thereby reducing costs for fossil fuels and disposal.

SAACKE offers you:

  • Complete solutions from engineering to the combustion plant, from control and regulating technology to flue gas cleaning
  • Burners for gaseous and liquid fuels, for example vent gases from tank storage terminals, process gases, formalin gases or waste water, that have the lowest or fluctuating heat values (as low as 2 MJ/m3 in gaseous form and 8 MJ/kg in liquid form) or are present in extremely low concentrations
  • Burners with low emissions for fuels with a high content of organic nitrogen

The SSB swirl burner has proven to be especially reliable for gaseous and liquid residues with low heat values or greatly fluctuating composition. It features stable combustion and low emissions, often without the additional use of a support fuel. The combination of a swirl burner from the SSB series with a two-stage combustion chamber can reduce the NOx emissions of your plant by as much as 90% compared to a conventional combustion system.

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In the petrochemical industry, SAACKE is not only offering conventional power plant boilers, but specializing particularly in water-tube boilers for internal supply of heat and steam. Fuels used often include by-products of the refining process. These include for example heating and refinery gases with greatly fluctuating composition and fluctuating heat values as well as highly viscous oils, for example visbreaker residues with high concentrations of pollutants.

Innovative technologies and deep engineering know-how will move your projects quickly to their goals. From modernization and combustion chamber systems for CO boilers to low emission plants for shared thermal use of multiple special fuels.

Building on proven technologies, SAACKE has added a new development project to the DDZG series of steam pressure atomizers: the DDZG-LN, which combusts both natural gas as well as light and heavy fuel oil and features impressively low-emission combustion.

SAACKE offers a special highlight for CO boilers: The CO gas generated in refineries during regeneration of catalysts for FCC crackers has an extremely low heat value and contains large amounts of catalyst dust. Combining a SSB series swirl burner with a two-stage combustion chamber allows for complete combustion of the CO gas so that it can be used thermally as steam in production. With minimum need for support fuel such as refinery gas, this also reduces fuel costs and save fossil resources. The low CO and NOx values and optimum process control of the overall plant also precisely meet the need in the refinery industry.

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Eliminating odors from the exhaust air that accumulates in the production process plays an important role in the production of sausage, fish and meat products, potato products and tobacco. SAACKE offers combined solutions for exhaust air cleaning and simultaneous use of heat.

Burners from the ROTONOX series of rotary cup atomizers generate heat by combusting liquid special fuels with a high heat value in an environmentally friendly manner, for example frying oil, fish oil or animal fat. This yields considerable savings in disposal and fuel costs. The TEMINOX pressure atomizer series, which can also be operated with biogas, for example, and the DDZG steam pressure atomizer series are also ideally suited for generating heat in the food industry.

Vinasse can be combusted with the SSB-LCL swirl burner series. The advantages are obvious: Disposal costs are eliminated and the energy can be used for example to generate steam in water-tube boilers. At the same time, the emissions of the overall plant are reduced.

SAACKE offers a similar solution for using glycerin. This by-product of biodiesel production can be used in a purified form in the cosmetics industry. If it is unpurified, glycerin can be used to produce energy with an ROTONOX GL, replacing fossil fuels within the entire process.

To carry out drying processes, for example drying sugar beet cossettes, SAACKE offers you the CCS hot gas generator, which can be combined with various burners.

SAACKE also offers you complete thermal post-combustion plants. From burners to combustion chambers and heat utilization in the form of waste heat boilers.

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There are many opportunities in the building materials industry for optimizing the production of substances such as cement or gypsum in terms of producing energy, thereby saving energy costs. The same applies to processing stone, soil and ores, for example nickel ore.

The CCS hot gas generator is perfectly suited for treatment of basic materials that will be dried during the milling process. It can be combined with various burners and can also be operated with an extremely wide range of fuels. SAACKE has worldwide experience in the use of oil, gas and carbon dust as fuels. SAACKE also offers complete oil and natural gas supply systems for the cement production process.

SSB series swirl burners have a proven track record heating gas flows within the entire cement production process. A retrofitted SAACKE solution yields excellent financial advantages in this area: Installing additional SSBs to heat cooler exhaust air increases the effectiveness of the plant.

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Product overview - industry

In many processes in the steel and metal industry and in pig iron production, by-products arise whose energetic use is problematic. Lean gases such as furnace gas or converter gas typically have low heat values with fluctuating composition. Coke gas, on the other hand, has a high heat value, but because of its high water content and tar soiling, it is not easy to combust.

The SSB-LCG series of swirl burners developed by SAACKE includes products designed specifically to use lean gases. They combust fuels with very low heat values with a stable flame without the need for an additional support fuel. Because the pressure requirement for the fuel gas is very low, about 10 mbar, an SSB-LCG also allows for considerable savings on electrical energy. No additional fan is needed to increase the pressure. Naturally the SSB-LCG series also features impressive low emission values: CO emissions are less than 10 ppm, while NOx values are usually less than 50 mg/m³.

The SSB-LCG series is also ideally suited for drying carried out as part of the corex process. Lean gas that accumulates during the process can also be used in this case together with a SAACKE hot gas generator.

Converter gas is created in converters when iron is processed to become steel. This gas accumulates discontinuously with fluctuating compositions and heat values. Ultra-modern instrumentation and control systems can also be used with an SSB-LCG for thermal utilization of this lean gas.

Another quality of the SSB-LCG makes it an ideal burner to use with unpurified coke gas as well: Since there are no small nozzles in this burner, it is very insensitive to dirt. This makes it possible for an SSB-LCG to use unpurified coke gas as a startup fuel or as an alternative fuel to furnace gas. The ROTONOX GL can also be used for combustion of cleaned coke gas.

SAACKE hot gas generators are used to heat defrosting halls for frozen freight trains. An SSB-LCG is used for combustion. In this case as well, cost-intensive standard fuels can be largely replaced by lean gases or other by-products, leading to a significant reduction in operating costs.

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For 40 years, SAACKE has been offering burners for waste incineration plants which, with their startup and support function, permit clean, thermal use of the waste while simultaneously reducing environmental pollution thanks to low NOx technology.

Special requirements are placed on startup and support burners for waste boilers: They must be sturdy and reliable, and they must be ready to use without complications when they are needed. Emission output and cooling air requirements should also be as low as possible. SAACKE offers you two products in the SSB and DDZG burner series that meet these requirements exactly.

To keep emission values as low as possible, light oil and increasingly natural gas as well are used as fuels for preheating waste boilers. SAACKE burners combust these fuels so that they produce very low CO emissions in the furnace. The flue gas flows are mixed continuously and evenly by the flames and a uniform temperature level is established in the entire furnace.

Both burners have the advantage that the cooling air requirement in standby mode is very low. This ensures that the waste incineration process is affected as little as possible.

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Heat energy can be produced in various ways in the wood materials industry. While hot gas generators are used mainly to dry chipped wood and fibers, presses can be heated with thermal oil heaters and process steam is provided by steam boilers.

In addition to conventional natural gas and fuel oil, wood dust is also used as fuel for firing a hot gas generator, thermal oil heater or boiler of this type.

Special requirements are placed on a combustion plant for combustion of wood dust: For example, lines and fittings in contact with the fuel must be specially designed due to the high abrasive content. Especially low emissions can be achieved if the combustion is performed with staged air or with an admixture of mixed gas or exhaust air.

Building on more than 35 years of experience, SAACKE has developed the SSB-D swirl burner series, which is able to combust both conventional fuels such as natural gas, light and heavy fuel oil and also pulverized fuels, for example charcoal, lignite and hard coal. SSB-D burners are being used increasingly on combustion chambers and hot gas generators. Thanks to the modular layout, switching between fuels is no problem.

With the scientific support of the Universities of Dresden and Clausthal-Zellerfeld, we have developed low emission fuel-specific combustion systems. For example, the combustion of pulverized lignite normally results in values of 600 mg NOx/m³, but significantly lower values can be achieved with an SSB-D.

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