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Increase the efficiency of combustion plants with the SAACKE O2 probe

New O2 measuring system: Determine oxygen measured values with more precision

Increase the efficiency of combustion plants with the SAACKE O2 probe

The new SAACKE OXYPro O2 measuring system reliably minimizes excess oxygen in combustion plants, reduces loss through the flue gases and thereby increases energy efficiency. In existing plants, the probe saves up to two percent of fuel and increases the efficiency by up to one percent. The system is comprised of three components and achieves more precise measured values than the probes from the competition.

Temperature fluctuations – changes in air humidity and air pressure over days, weeks and months – will directly affect the burner flame and the fuel-air ratio. That is why burners are frequently set as such that they ensure optimal combustion in any case. However, on most days, this will lead to excess oxygen which in turn reduces efficiency. An oxygen probe in the flue gas duct can help here. It continuously registers the amount of oxygen that remains in the exhaust gas and controls the combustion air supply in accordance with the environmental conditions. That way, the excess O2 is adjusted to the actual need and minimized in many cases.

Fuel saving and quick amortization
The new SAACKE OXYPro O2 measuring system is suitable for all burner types in light oil and gas operation. It consists of the O2 probe OXYPRO 400, the measured gas sampling device OXYPro SD-350 as well as the Inter-face Module se@vis IO OX4641. It is a plug-and-play solution with a universal standard length, easy to retrofit for all existing plants and can manage without calibration and external power supply. It stands out when compared to competitors due to a higher measuring precision and higher temperature design for up to 350 °C exhaust gas temperature. Compared to the predecessor module, the measured gas sampling device was redesigned and optimized for the course of the exhaust gas flow. One new feature is the integration of the SAACKE se@vis burner control for data monitoring and remote fault detection. The combination of improved design and higher accuracy of measurement enables an increase of plant efficiency of up to one percent and fuel savings of up to two percent. This environmentally friendly investment amortizes after less than two years. 


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