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Dr. Andreas Bovenschulte visits SAACKE

Visit by the Mayor of Bremen focused on digitalization and substainability

Source: Senatspressestelle Bremen


Bremen, February 26, 2024 – The President of the Senate of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and Mayor of the City of Bremen, Dr. Andreas Bovenschulte, visited the long-established Bremen-based company SAACKE on 22 February. The family-run company, now in its fourth generation, is one of the world market leaders in the field of innovative combustion technologies and has been developing and producing industrial combustion technology for industrial and maritime applications since 1931.

Henning Saacke, Chairman of the company's Advisory Board, informed the mayor about the product and service portfolio: “SAACKE stands for over 90 years of engineering and services and more than 20,000 combustion systems installed worldwide.” After some difficult years due to changing market conditions, SAACKE is finally back on track. “We are repositioning the company for current and future challenges. The headquarters in Bremen will play a key role in successfully completing the transformation process that has been initiated.” At the same time, Henning Saacke pointed out the importance of an attractive business location for attracting new skilled workers. He sees potential above all in the framework conditions for vocational training. There are already good links with the Hochschule Bremen and SAACKE is currently examining a training cooperation with other companies at the site.

The mayor was impressed by the company's innovative strength in the area of conflict between thermal supply security and the energy transition. On his tour through the company headquarters, he spoke to many employees from the sales, spare parts, construction, service as well as the research and development departments. Dr. Bovenschulte: “At SAACKE, innovative technology meets proven tradition. The company develops and produces state-of-the-art combustion systems for the global market and at the same time contributes to the transformation of our economy. I would like to thank everyone for the comprehensive insight into the company and wish them all the best.”

“H2-ready” for 40 years: SAACKE supports industry in the energy transition

SAACKE Managing Director Dr. Christian Ausfelder: “Thanks to the many engineers, modern development processes and the in-house technical center for our research and development, SAACKE has been a leader in the development of combustion technology for decades. This ensures maximum availability and efficiency, even with the most difficult fuels, as well as safety with minimal environmental influences”. In any case, industrial decarbonization is one of the most challenging issues of the coming decades. “SAACKE has been developing and implementing processes for thermal energy generation that use alternative fuels such as hydrogen, waste or low-calorific residues efficiently, safely and sustainably since the 1980s,” says Dr. Ausfelder. Thanks to this technological lead, the Bremen-based company is one of the few suppliers worldwide that already manufactures low-nitrogen oxide and CO2-neutral combustion systems for hydrogen-based heat generation in industry and maritime shipping: “We are therefore ‘H2-ready’ and prepared to support industry on the path to decarbonization,” summarized the SAACKE Managing Director.

Spare parts handling and digital services: Bremen sets the global standards in after sales

At the end of the joint tour, SAACKE experts from the specialist departments explained to the political guest that there would be a particular focus on spare parts handling and the digitalization of services in the coming years. Lifelong support for the systems thanks to upgrades and the long-term availability of spare parts and services are part of the performance promise of the combustion specialist.

SAACKE is working on further expanding the digital services for operational support and optimization of its products. Digital control units and remote maintenance options already make it possible to handle and rectify any system faults that occur more quickly and cost-effectively. At the same time, retrofitting and modernizing the systems installed at the customer's premises is a matter of course for SAACKE in order to ensure long-term benefits in the face of changing requirements. “We set the standards for this in Bremen,” says Dr. Christian Ausfelder.


SAACKE GmbH specializes in thermal processes and plants in the industrial and maritime energy management sector and is one of the world market leaders in this field. The medium-sized family business was founded in 1931 and employs a total of around 1,100 people, including a good 400 engineers and technicians. It has production sites in several countries as well as a worldwide service and sales network. Headquarters and research and development are located in Bremen, Germany.



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