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Maximum operational safety and NOx values below 30 mg

Highly efficient TEMINOX GL burner and se@vis pro V3.00 firing management – a showcase project for Kunert Wellpappe

The company Kunert Wellpappe, specialist for packaging made of corrugated board, convinces its customers with tailor-made solutions and highest reliability. The steam boiler is at the heart of the production process. This is why long downtimes or even system failures are an absolute no-go. The existing SAACKE firing system had reliably served its purpose for several decades. Nevertheless, the operator wanted to make the plant fit for the future. An excellent opportunity to reduce emissions and at the same time increase the efficiency of the combustion system. In short, switching to the best available technology. The company relied on its many years of experience with SAACKE.


Entire plant construction / TEMINOX GL / se@vis pro V3.00


Modernization of an industrial combustion plant


Kunert Wellpappe

Lausser GmbH / Interquell GmbH

“The entire project, from analysis and consulting to the final implementation, went without a hitch. The plant has been running since commissioning. We were pleasantly surprised that, according to SAACKE, this plant now achieves the lowest NOx values in Europe.”

Gerhard Meffert – Technical Manager

Result: More than the sum of all parts

After a thorough assessment of the plant and a joint analysis of the operating conditions, the SAACKE experts were able to make promises: The safety technology and emissions can be brought up to the latest standards – and this with the existing steam boiler. The aim was to maintain the previous combustion performance and, at the same time, to ensure NOx emission values are kept safe below 50 mg/Nm3. At 30 mg/Nm3 , this mark was more than clearly undercut. With such an emission value, the plant would even meet the strict requirements in China. It is thus absolutely future-proof.

The demanding project was implemented in the shortest time. The operational safety of the Kunert company is a top priority – no problem for SAACKE: A rental boiler was set up for the conversion phase and professionally piped and installed by SAACKE. A good feeling for operators to know that the entire process is in one hand.

Networking in the boiler house – already a reality at Kunert

  • SAACKE TEMINOX GL – Ultra Low NOx Upgrade

    We at SAACKE agree: In order to protect the environment, we must achieve much lower emission values for the combustion of fossil fuels than those prescribed by law. That is why we have upgraded our well-established TEMINOX burner. This further development at our customer Kunert Wellpappe achieves extremely low NOx values below 30 mg/Nm3 with maximum efficiency – and that with low O2 surplus, without CO emissions and with common furnace dimensions.

    Technical data

    Boiler type

    Shell boiler without superheater

    Burner type

    TEMINOX GL – Smart Burner

    Burner capacity

    Max. 6,000 kW


    Natural gas H

    Peripheral equipment

    se@vis pro V3.00 with cloud function
    in combination with Smart Burner

    Control range


    NOx emission

    Safe below 30 mg/Nm3 (based on 3% O2) with standard exhaust gas recirculation

    Be on the safe side in the long term: The TEMINOX GL Upgrade at Kunert Wellpappe achieves the lowest NOx values and guarantees maximum efficiency through low residual oxygen in the exhaust gas.

  • se@vis pro V3.00 management system for combustion plants

    The intelligent se@vis pro software controls and monitors the entire boiler plant – including downstream residual energy users. Gone are the days when each plant component required its own control system. The all-rounder greatly simplifies the control process for operators, thus saving valuable time and freeing up resources. In addition, integrated functions, various operating modes, extensive data analyses and remote maintenance simplify work processes and ensure maximum safety in the system. We consider this so important that we have decided to set new standards.

    For safety and efficiency – unique worldwide

    • Control and monitoring of the entire boiler plant including peripherals, e.g. feed water pump station and control, desalination and steam pressure control, monitoring of boiler safety
    • 15 integrated controllers for all system functions
    • Simplified maintenance procedures thanks to overall view via HMI on the control cabinet or in the control room
    • Guaranteed safety thanks to reliable alarm system: automatic warning in the event of a fault for rapid troubleshooting
    • Simultaneous firing of 2 out of 3 fuels, also possible with alternative fuels
    • Touch screen in various sizes for simple and intuitive operation
    • Can be optimally integrated into any plant network
    • Individual preconfiguration of up to 2,000 control steps
    • Certified according to SIL 3 with IEC 61508

    Cost efficiency through intelligent planning

    The demand for thermal energy can vary depending on the time of day and processes. At our customer Kunert Wellpappe, for example, we found that full-load operation at the beginning of the week would not be necessary if the plant were kept warm during the weekend. No problem with se@vis pro! With se@vis pro, many performance specifications and operating modes can be set very easily by the operator. For all seven days of the week – precisely matched to the time of day.

  • SAACKE Smart Burner – Online Monitoring

    The SAACKE Smart Burner is equipped with additional measuring points. So you can see at any time whether your combustion plant is running optimally. Each value, such as the combustion chamber pressure, the temperature of the intake air or the combustion air and oil pressures, can be individually selected. Deviations from operating data can be detected and possible consequential malfunctions avoided. This is an important step towards enhancing operational safety even further.

    Upon request, SAACKE can be given insight into the se@vis control system via a secure remote access. Many faults can be avoided by remote observation. This reduces maintenance costs, saves money and increases plant efficiency.


  • SAACKE Smart Burner & System Optimization
    • individual online analyses
    • efficiency optimizations
    • predictive maintenance
    • remote services


    This is the way into the future: Our experienced engineers develop tailor-made concepts to increase the efficiency of your combustion plant or to reduce fuel consumption. Which investment pays off when? SAACKE detects possible malfunctions in advance and informs you at an early stage. Using the data collected by the Smart Burner, SAACKE experts can analyze the system behavior and suggest improvements for efficiency – all in line with SAACKE's promise to meet industrial requirements while complying with the highest ecological standards.


Modernization of a combustion plant to be more energy efficient and lower in emissions using the existing boiler while ensuring maximum operational safety.


Turnkey handling of the entire project with SAACKE TEMINOX GL Ultra-Low-NOx burner including gas fittings, external control loops and a convenient, highly efficient control system.

A glimpse into the future – Kunert Wellpappe on its way to the smart factory

Whether quality, environmental or energy management, Kunert Wellpappe is well aware of the importance of the highest standards. The economical use of nature's treasures and the reduction of environmental pollution are part of the company's policy. Energy and energy efficiency with maximum operational safety play an important role in the production processes. With the possibilities of SAACKE Smart Burner technology, Kunert Wellpappe will continue to lead the way in environmental protection, resource efficiency and safety in the future.

All advantages at a glance

Comprehensive analysis of situation and needs

Tailor-made concept for a combustion plant with the best NOx values in Europe at present

Complete scope of supply from a single source – including all approval procedures

All-round service and support by SAACKE – now and in the future

Expandable to other future-proof technologies

Control and monitoring of all thermal processes and the boiler plant including peripherals

Highest operational reliability

Perfect integration into the plant network

Extensive certifications

SAACKE in operation – A selection

More than 20,000 SAACKE industrial combustion plants are in successful operation worldwide. They document our claim to providing best available technology to ambitious customers.