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SKVJ-M rotary cup atomizer


Capacity range

0.5 – 6.6 MW


Heavy oil up to 700 cSt/50°C
Marine diesel oil
Low-sulfur diesel oil (MGO)

Control range

1:3 for burners up to 2 MW
1:4 for burners from 2 to 4 MW
1:5 for burners > 4 MW

Design features

The SAACKE SKVJ-M monoblock rotary cup burner is designed for smaller sized marine boilers. It is suitable for

  • side fired furnace boilers and
  • classic two- or three-pass smoke tube boilers

The SKVJ-M burner is designed as a very compact system with focus on easy installation, operation and maintenance

The unique design of the SKVJ-M burner with integrated modulating heater combines all advantages of economic, operationally reliable and environmentally friendly combustion:

  • Highest combustion quality even at lowest grade fuel oils
  • Insensibility against fuels of different quality and contamination