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SKV-A marine rotary cup atomizer

Capacity range

4 – 17.3 MW

Liquid fuels

Heavy oil up to 700 cSt/50°
Marine diesel oil
Low-sulfur diesel oil (MGO)

Gaseous fuels

Standard natural gas and special gases on request, for example gas from gas sources

Control range

1:6 for burners up to 7 MW
1:8 for burners > 7MW
Larger control range available on request

Design features

The SAACKE SKV-A rotary cup duoblock burner is designed for all kinds of marine boilers applicable on any type of ship, and is suitable for

  • side fired furnace boilers and
  • classic two- or three-pass smoke tube boilers.

Since the SKV-A burner is available as single or dual fuel burner for liquid and gaseous fuels, it can be used as well for FPSO and offshore platform applications. In case gas firing is applied, the burner type will be SKVG-A. The unique and compact design of the SKV-A and SKVG-A burner combines all advantages of economic, operationally reliable and environmentally friendly combustion.