SMM 2018

Best available technology for scrubbers

From 4 to 7 September 2018 we were once again an exhibitor on SMM, world’s most prominent trade show for the maritime industry. Interested guests visited our stand and enjoyed our this year’s highlight: At our infotainment table they immersed themselves into SAACKE best available technology. Four 3D HoloLens glasses provided insights in an augmented reality experience. Invisible for outsiders, a ship on the ocean emerged from the table. The HoloLens users were able to track exactly how the SAACKE exhaust gas cleaning system worked in open loop mode and then in closed loop mode.

Experts from SAACKE, who were familiar with both the project and the AR technology, were able to demonstrate and explain the advantages and the interaction of all components of a scrubber system in detail. Visitors were excited about this opportunity to experience SAACKE technology, and it contributed significantly to the discussion of how to secure future reliability, compliance and efficiency in view of the IMO 2020 regulations.

Enjoy the video and the pics of a convincing event!

Professionally, visually, emotionally

Convincing with technology

The HoloLens show was a great highlight, but what counts most is performance in real operation. Our customers expect to reduce emissions – not only in order to comply with IMO 2020 regulations but also for the benefit of the environment and the budget. It's always about working with the best available technology. With experience from more than 6,000 marine plants around the globe, we understand your business. SAACKE experts support you throughout the full life cycle of your project. From decision-making to the best solution and far beyond.

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