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SAACKE TEMINOX achieves unrivaled burner capacities especially with shell boilers

Development of the low NOx burner with a modular concept

SAACKE TEMINOX achieves unrivaled burner capacities especially with shell boilers

Development of the Low NOx burner with a modular concept

As part of the continuous development of its product range, the SAACKE GmbH Low NOx burner series for industrial heat and steam generation has recently reached a new milestone: This burner category's compliance with the most stringent emission regulations in combination with a burner capacity of up to 28 MW is unmatched in the market.

Both the monoblock and duoblock version of the TEMINOX ensure the efficient and low-emission combustion of a range of standard fuels as well as special gases with a low CO and residual oxygen content in the exhaust gas. With its low emissions, the burner reliably meets or falls well below country-specific emission regulations, e.g. BImSchV (German Federal Ordinance on Exposure Control). The compact burner is delivered ready for connection and can be configured flexibly thanks to a range of additional options. For example, its modular design also enables simultaneous operation with two fuels.

Research and development for maximum efficiency
"At the in-house technology center at our headquarters in Bremen, our engineers spend every day researching and developing our products – consistent with the motto: to stand still is to go backwards", says Stephan Röhl, Product Line Manager at SAACKE. "This allowed us to specifically optimize the TEMINOX, which has already established itself in practice over many years." It ensures maximum availability and efficiency on various heat generators and at every output level. The simple mounting, commissioning and maintenance also keeps down-times for the new construction or modernization of boiler plants to a minimum.

The SAACKE mission:
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