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SAACKE is hydrogen ready

SAACKE welcomes the measures on hydrogen adopted by the German Federal Government on June 3, 2020

SAACKE welcomes the measures on hydrogen adopted by the German Federal Government on June 3, 2020

SAACKE has been working on the industrial use of hydrogen as a supplement to existing fuels since 1982. The measures recently adopted by the Federal Government are a confirmation of the path taken very early on to develop technical solutions for the industrial processing of hydrogen. SAACKE is one of the few suppliers worldwide who are able to ensure low NOx combustion of hydrogen, both in industry and in maritime shipping. Therefore SAACKE is the optimal partner for the implementation of the energy turnaround with hydrogen.

Essential cornerstones for the development of a hydrogen economy in Germany:

  • The Federal Government will present a "National Hydrogen Strategy" in the near future.
  • Announcement of a programme for the development of hydrogen production plants; by 2030 industrial production plants with a total capacity of up to 5 GW by 2030 (including the offshore and onshore energy production required for this); a further 5 GW by 2040 at the latest.
  • Promotion of the switch from fossil fuels to hydrogen, especially in industrial processes; the switch is being made through investment grants and on the basis of the Carbon Contracts for Difference approach.
  • The aim is to exempt the production of green hydrogen from the EEG levy.
  • Review of quotas for: PtL quota for aviation fuel, demand quota for climate-friendly steel.
  • The promotion of "hydrogen-ready" plants via the CHP Act is being examined.
  • The regulatory basis for the establishment of a hydrogen infrastructure is being implemented rapidly.
  • The hydrogen filling station network is to be expanded for heavy goods traffic.
  • The RED II Directive is being implemented more ambitiously than the EU requirements.
  • Establish foreign trade partnerships with those countries in which hydrogen can be produced efficiently due to their geographical location.
  • Development of suitable hydrogen storage processes for the global, cost-efficient transport of hydrogen.
  • The establishment of a European hydrogen society is being considered.

SAACKE's many years of practical expertise in dealing with the technological issues and its special knowledge of the properties involved in the processing of hydrogen will enable the company to actively shape the energy mix of the future.

The SAACKE mission:
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