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Research project SAARUS

On the trail of fine dust & Co.!

Emission reduction, climate neutrality, ... to use CO2-neutral Power-to-X fuels for combustion or heat generation on ships and offshore platforms in order to secure tomorrow. These are important issues in today's world.

Every innovation brings progress and relief, but unfortunately does not solve all the pending questions. Because no matter how efficient fuels and filter systems may be - combustion always produces a small proportion of fine substances and pollutants that can neither be burned nor filtered and are either released into the air or water with the exhaust gases or their cleaning. The smaller the particles, the greater the challenge.

In order to master this challenge, you need a lot of know-how and technical understanding from very different areas and industries. For this reason, we have joined forces in a joint project with the University of Rostock, the University of Munich and other companies in the field of measurement and filter technology to address this issue. It is our goal to create solutions with which it is possible to completely remove the harmful fine dust from the exhaust gas.

For you, for society and for the environment ... in order to be able to breathe freely and for an ecological balance!

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We believe, that energy
generation from fossil
fuel combustion can be
as efficient and clean as
from sun, wind and water.