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SAACKE trainee program

Interdisciplinary and optimum support


Are you close to finish your studies, or have you recently completed your studies successfully, and are now looking for the perfect start to your professional life? Our trainee program is the perfect option.

We offer you the opportunity to get to know all aspects of our company in a range of specialist areas. We have everything under one roof: research & development, engineering, production, quality management, purchasing, sales, and service. During our 18 to 24 month trainee program you will not only spend time in different functional areas with varying duties and places of work, but also have the chance to focus on specific areas you are keen on and interested in pursuing. Your work in project teams and in our day-to-day operations is supported by internal and external training.

An experienced manager will be your mentor for the whole time and will help you to develop your specialist knowledge and skills effectively and successfully.

The trainee program as a career opportunity

After completing the trainee program, depending on your personal preferences and the requirements within the company, we will offer you a position in one of our technical departments or in sales.

Have we got your interest? Just look under "Vacancies" to see if we have the perfect opportunity for you.