In the area of boiler and process firing systems, SAACKE offers you highly efficient, reliable solutions with low emissions.

SAACKE produces reliable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient firing plants for sea going vessels, offshore plants and LNG tankers.

With SAACKE customer support centers in over 20 countries worldwide and with 70 international SAACKE contact offices, we make proximity to the customer a reality anywhere in the world.

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Quality and progress in combustion technology

On the basis of series products and customer-specific demands, SAACKE plans and manufactures tailored firing plants. SAACKE products satisfy both industrial demands and high ecological standards. The SAACKE Group is represented worldwide with its own companies, production facilities, service stations and by partner companies. Some 1000 employees ensure that energy is used optimally and in an environment-conscious manner everywhere in the world every day.

SAACKE GmbH opens branch office in Singapore

Fast and efficient project implementation for SAACKE customers through proximity to Asian offshore markets

The leading specialist for combustion plants in the offshore sector, SAACKE GmbH, with head office in Bremen, Germany, has opened its new branch office in Singapore. It's proximity to the Asian markets means offshore projects can be carried out faster and more efficiently. The SAACKE branch office in Singapore plans and designs burner and boiler plants for ships and offshore facilities. Depending on the application, plants can also be provided as complete deck units. The portfolio also comprises auxiliary and customized exhaust gas boilers, individual economizers, exhaust gas cleaning systems and gas combustion units. SAACKE thus replicates all details of the required plant environment in Singapore.

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SAACKE boilers chosen for FSU “Armada LNG Mediterrana”

Customer Bumi Armada Berhad ensures reliable compliance with stringent emissions targets and timeframes

The “Armada LNG Mediterrana” is a Floating Storage Unit (FSU) operated by the Malaysian offshore energy facilities and service provider Bumi Armada Berhad. In October 2015 Bumi Armada Berhad ordered two D-type boilers (FMB-VD) within the scope of the conversion of a LNG tanker into an FSU for ElectroGas Malta Ltd. Due to the required compliance with exhaust gas emissions of 100 mg/m3 NOX in gas operation and 450 mg/m3 in oil operation, as well as time and space constraints, Bumi Armada Berhad has chosen SAACKE.

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SAACKE LONOX UCC System already complies with future Chinese emission limits


Nitrogen oxide emissions < 30 mg/m³ based on 3.0% dry O2 certified by the German TÜV

Bremen, March 3, 2016 – From 2017, particularly strict emission guidelines will apply in selected urban areas in China, such as Beijing. New heat generation plants and power stations will then be subject to a NOx limit value of a maximum of 30 mg/m³ based on 3.0% dry O2, while the regulation enters into force in five years for existing plants. The optimized SAACKE LONOX UCC (Ultra Clean Combustion) System, based on burner technology that has proven its worth over decades, already complies with the future guideline values in all areas – without expensive additives or secondary measures. This was verified by the German TÜV (Technical Inspection Authority) in January 2016, based on measurements at a test facility at the SAACKE research and development location in Bremen.

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SAACKE Exhaust Gas Cleaning System: Analyze emissions with the se@vis Emission Control System

Live surveillance and optimization using data cloud storage, also possible from land

The new se@vis Emission Control System by SAACKE makes emissions data from the SAACKE Hybrid Multistream Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGC) system available to the operator both on ships and on land using data transmission. All relevant data that is measured can be analyzed live and stored for up to 1.5 operating years. By monitoring the EGC components, all emission sources can be analyzed, resulting in savings potential for all ship operations. “On one hand, our system creates benefits for energy efficient and economical operations for the ship’s crew and, on the other hand, it opens up new possibilities for direct influence and evaluation, especially for shipowners and ship operators, in a way that no other EGC system can”, says Nils Homburg, Manager at SAACKE’s Exhaust Gas Cleaning Department.

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SAACKE GmbH upgrades the centerpiece of H&R Ölwerke Schindler GmbH in Hamburg

Refinery conversion: flexible and efficient expansion to simultaneous co-firing

The H&R Group, an international specialty chemicals company, has invested in the future of its Hamburg location. SAACKE GmbH from Bremen was commissioned to upgrade and convert the refinery to natural gas simultaneous co-firing for the vacuum distillation plant, which has been the centerpiece of H&R Ölwerke Schindler for about 50 years. Following the conversion, both natural gas as well as other fuels from the production cycle can be used depending on availability and cost. A sophisticated fuel grading system and the automatic control technology ensure a safe and reliable operation and lower emissions. A significant part of the ancillary production oils is now no longer burnt-off, as was previously the case; instead it is further refined to produce special products. With an estimated amortization period of two years, the plant has gained flexibility, a higher real net output ratio and process efficiency at a relatively low financial cost.

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SAACKE Hybrid Multistream Scrubber System: certified for zero-discharge

IMO-compliant Exhaust Gas Cleaning System in use on the tanker MT Levana for a year

The ship management company Carl Büttner GmbH & Co. KG and SAACKE GmbH were satisfied with the first year of operation of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) on the tanker MT Levana. Besides its compliant operation in line with the emission guidelines specified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the savings on expensive low-sulfur fuel by the pilot installation were also convincing. While the ship management company benefitted from lower fuel costs, SAACKE gathered valuable experience for the development of the series product. The authorization of the closed-loop process for zero-discharge operation in February 2016 means that the tanker can now operate with heavy fuel oil on every shipping channel and is also equipped for future, stricter emission guidelines.

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SAACKE GmbH installs micro CHP plant for Carl Kühne KG

Harnessing energy potential with combined heat and power generation

In 2014, the food manufacturer Carl Kühne KG commissioned SAACKE GmbH with the installation of a micro combined heat and power generation (CHP) plant to generate energy and process heat in its factory in Berlin. The decision was made as part of an extensive savings project aimed at reducing energy costs and increasing efficiency. The combination of energy generation and waste heat utilization allows the plant to generate energy while conserving resources and lowering emissions as well as reducing flue gas losses and increasing production flexibility. It consists of a micro gas turbine and a downstream heat generator, including an industrial burner. The plant was commissioned in mid-November 2014 and provided savings of 19,600 euros after only two months.

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