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Machine Safety Instruction

Machine Safety Instruction

Safety Equipment on Customer Systems

We always endeavor to ensure that the equipment and plant systems are as safe as possible. Accordingly, we have supplied you with a system or machine with various safety func-tions that depend on the model. These functions included safety guards, access barriers, protection devices, warning signs and warning signals. In order to guarantee that this safety equipment has an appropriately long service life, our engineers are instructed to critically observe these functions when they are working on the system or aggregates. Any of our employees who spots a safety problem on the equipment is obliged to notify you of the situation. If the problem is a serious safety issue that may also affect the health and safety of our own employee or the plant, the employee is authorized to stop working on the system or partial section concerned. Of course, you can directly ask our employee to remedy the safety func-tion so that safe working can continue. If a safety problem cannot be remedied immediately, or you do not wish it to be remedied immediately, our service engineer is instructed to have this confirmed by you in writing.

We trust that you will understand the need for this measure in the interest of work safety.

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