Dans le domaine des équipements de chauffe pour chaudières et process thermiques, SAACKE vous propose des solutions très  efficaces et fiables et garantit  de faibles émissions.

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SAACKE propose  des installations de combustion  fiables , écologiques et à haut rendement énergétique pour les navires, les installations offshore et les méthaniers.

Avec ses agences SAV dans plus de 20 pays au niveau mondial et ses 70 bureaux de contacts internationaux, SAACKE rend la proximité avec le client une réalité partout dans le monde.

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Le groupe SAACKE

Qualité et développement  de la technologie de combustion

SAACKE conçoit et fabrique des installations de chauffe sur mesure, Sur la base d’équipements  en série et selon les exigences spécifiques des clients,. Les équipements SAACKE se conforment  autant aux exigences industrielles qu'aux normes écologiques strictes . Le groupe SAACKE est représenté dans le monde entier grâce à ses filiales, , ses sites de production, ses agences SAV  ainsi que par des entreprises partenaires. Près de 1 000 employés veillent chaque jour à ce que l'énergie soit utilisée de façon optimale et écologique dans le monde entier.

SAACKE Exhaust Gas Cleaning System: Analyze emissions with the se@vis Emission Control System

Live surveillance and optimization using data cloud storage, also possible from land

The new se@vis Emission Control System by SAACKE makes emissions data from the SAACKE Hybrid Multistream Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGC) system available to the operator both on ships and on land using data transmission. All relevant data that is measured can be analyzed live and stored for up to 1.5 operating years. By monitoring the EGC components, all emission sources can be analyzed, resulting in savings potential for all ship operations. “On one hand, our system creates benefits for energy efficient and economical operations for the ship’s crew and, on the other hand, it opens up new possibilities for direct influence and evaluation, especially for shipowners and ship operators, in a way that no other EGC system can”, says Nils Homburg, Manager at SAACKE’s Exhaust Gas Cleaning Department.

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DNV GL classifies the SAACKE hybrid multistream scrubber system

Classification increases planning certainty for exhaust gas scrubber operators

It's now official: the classification society DNV GL has certified the SAACKE exhaust gas scrubber based on soot separation using a dry process. This ensures that the innovative system, which was initially installed in 2013 on the tanker MT Levana, owned by the Carl Büttner shipping company, can now be operated without restriction. "Many scrubbers manufactured by market competitors currently operate with special permits. This means that the operator is exposed to the risk that the investment may not pay off. The classification of our patented scrubber gives the operator financial planning certainty", explains Peter Breidenich, Business Director SAACKE Marine Systems.

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SAACKE GmbH installs micro CHP plant for Carl Kühne KG

Harnessing energy potential with combined heat and power generation

In 2014, the food manufacturer Carl Kühne KG commissioned SAACKE GmbH with the installation of a micro combined heat and power generation (CHP) plant to generate energy and process heat in its factory in Berlin. The decision was made as part of an extensive savings project aimed at reducing energy costs and increasing efficiency. The combination of energy generation and waste heat utilization allows the plant to generate energy while conserving resources and lowering emissions as well as reducing flue gas losses and increasing production flexibility. It consists of a micro gas turbine and a downstream heat generator, including an industrial burner. The plant was commissioned in mid-November 2014 and provided savings of 19,600 euros after only two months.

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