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在锅炉及工艺过程燃烧领域,SAACKE 可提供高效、低排放、可靠的解决方案。 更多

SAACKE 为海船、海上设备以及液化天然气运输船提供安全、环保、高能效的燃烧设备.

通过分布在 20 多个国家的客服中心以及 70 个国际性办公室,SAACKE 将服务送到世界各个角落的每位客户身边。



SAACKE 以标准系列产品为基础,按照客户要求设计和制造量体裁衣式的个性化燃烧设备。SAACKE 产品可同时满足工业标准和环保的高标准。SAACKE 集团的子公司、生产工厂、服务站和合作伙伴遍及全球。每一天,约 1000 名 SAACKE 员工都在为一个目标不懈努力:让能源在全球得到最优化和环保的使用。

Clean air for China

Since the beginning of 2017, strict emission limits for new boiler plants for coal combustion of 100 or 150 mg NOX/Nm3 at 9% O2 will apply in some regions of China – a challenge for many manufacturers of pulverized coal combustion plants. While others are still experimenting and failing to comply with the required limit values, SAACKE can deliver: The CONOX UCC burner series developed specifically for the Chinese limit values. 

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Worldwide trade is changing constantly, today more than ever before. Prerequisites for continued success are not only high-quality services and consistent expectations of professionalism, but also a generous measure of flexibility. In order to meet these expectations, SAACKE is a long-standing member of the German Maritime Export Initiative (GeMaX). This association of leading German maritime export companies is working towards the goal of making the national maritime industry more competitive on the global market. Grouping marine systems and services stands at the core of this pursuit.

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